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Tailored Service for You

Your Success is Our Success



Individuals in Finland and abroad get a tailored service from an experienced lawyer.

The best interests of the Client and the Client's family are central. 

Contracts. Matrimonial matters. Wealth planning. Successions etc. 

International law & tax cases. 


Taxation in Finland: personal income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, estate tax, transfer tax.

Corporate tax and value added tax advice. Also in international situations.

Taxes are related to transactions and go hand by hand with the civil law contracts.

Tax advice. Tax appeals. 


Are you planning of setting up a company - or in need for a company lawyer? Nikula has been with family owned companies for decades. 


Focus on international taxation. 

International family law. 

International successions and wills.


Buying  a home in Finland or selling it?  Wealth planning? Wish to use and enjoy the property yourself after giving the ownership to someone else?  Figuring out rights and encumbrances?  Joint ownership contracts and allocation of costs. Incorporation of estates.


The first contact by email & quick overview of your case is free of charge.



Anne Nikula

M.LL (with Judge's qualification in Finland)

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Anne Nikula is the owner of Nikula Legal. During the decades, she has played various roles in legal circles, in the Court room, in  business and banking and in the corporate tax audit unit. 

You will always receive the attention you deserve and Anne will offer you bespoke services to meet your needs.  Anne is a courageous lady who always defends the best interests of her Client. She became internationally known when the European Court of Human Rights gave its freedom of expression judgment related to the counsel's right to say the Truth (nro 31611/96) in 2002. 

As an international lawyer, she focuses on tax cases and estate law nowadays but she can offer you legal expertise in many other cases too. 


Anne Nikula is recommended by  the Finlandia Association. Their collaboration has been going on for several years. Anne has been the main speaker in many webbinars related to cross-Atlantic issues and international taxation.

Clients are around the World.

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Tax laws may be complex.   Anne has got expertise and knowledge of substantial law, procedural law and tax laws. She has helped Client to avoid or sort out double-tax situations and got incorrect tax decisions rectified. Anne can help you with US -FI tax forms and MAP process if needed.



Estate matters are all different.  Anne has got experience in estate administration, taxation and division of property in Finland. She has also been involved in estate matters abroad, eg. England, Italy and California, USA. 

Legal opinions

Anne Nikula has gained lots of experience to support her judicial studies in Finland and eg. in Britain. Anne has given legal opinions concerning issues related to the Finnish law and its application to foreign lawyers. Legal terms and concepts may be different in    Finland and in the USA, eg. Trusts and S-companies, and they will be explained in a legal opinion. 

USA Flag

USA - FINLAND cross-Atlantic issues

Nikula Legal gives tax advice related to US-FI tax treaty and dual-tax situations where the tax payer in Finland needs to prepare his or her tax forms. . 

Tax advice is given also to those who live in the USA or elsewhere and receive incomes or taxable benefit from FInland. Nikula shall also assist you if your US incomes and taxes need to be declared or rectified (current year and past years). 

Remote Service by Email

Nikula Legal and Anne Nikula are regulated by the Laws of Finland.

Nikula Legal offers you an encrypted email to send confidential information.

The relationship between the Lawyer and her Client is based on mutual Trust.

Nikula Legal and Anne Nikula will respect your privacy rights.

Where ever you are - if need be - contact by email.

Let Anne know your case, and you will receive a reply by email.

Our mandates are 99 % remote.

You can pay the agreed pre-payment via Wix Payments. Just ask! 

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Chicco is the Nikula Legal office dog.

He is a 2-year-old king poodle. 

Chicco trains search and hoopers.

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Hevossalmentie 18 D

00870  Helsinki


VAT reg. FI32443121


international + 358-50 341 6562 

in Finland 050 341 6562 

Please email to make the first contact.  


Get a link to secure email if you send confidential information.

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