Nikula Legal is an international law firm -  based in Helsinki, Finland. 
Law and tax related services. Specialization in the USA - Finland inheritance & tax matters. Double tax? Changing the country of residence?   Don't hesitate to contact !


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Individuals in Finland and abroad get a tailored service from an experienced lawyer who is capable of overseeing the best interest of the Client and the Client's family. 

Contracts. Matrimonial matters. Wealth planning. Successions etc. 

International law & tax cases. 


Are you planning of setting up a company - or in need for a company lawyer? Nikula has been with family owned companies for decades. 


International business contract for family companies. 

International family law. 

International successions and wills. 

International tax issues. Dual tax cases. 

Nikula shall oversee your rights.

An experienced lawyer is a great companion with whom you can discuss any issue. 


Domestic taxation or international situations? Profound knowledge of taxation system has been acquired during decades of practical experience.


Individual or company taxation, value added taxes,  transfer taxes, gift and inheritance taxes. Taxation goes hand by hand with the civil law. Tax advice. Tax declarations. Tax appeals. Nikula ensures your best interests. 


Buying  a home in Finland or selling it?  Wealth planning? Wish to use and enjoy the property yourself after giving the ownership to someone else?  Figuring out rights and encumbrances?  Joint ownership contracts and allocation of costs. Incorporation of estates.

Nikula shall advice you. 


Contact Anne Nikula


Anne Nikula is an experienced tax attorney specialized in tax laws in Finland and knows international situations (eg. income taxes, gifts and successions, transfer taxes).  She gives advice on US taxes, and other international issues in order to avoid double taxation. 

Past: Webinars with Finlandia Association

Webinar on 19 October 2021 - Managing inheritance issues cross Atlantic (USA - Finland) - in collaboration with Finlandia Foundation National (US)   

Webinar on 3 November 2021 - Wills and inheritance issues in Europe

Virtual Finland June 2021 


The first contact & quick overview of your case is free of charge.



To know your lawyer is to trust her. 

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Anne Nikula is the owner of Nikula

Legal. During the decades, she has

worked in various positions - and

her experience is vast.

Anne has played different roles in

the Court room, in business and

banking and in the tax administration.

You will always receive the attention

you deserve and Anne will offer you bespoke services to meet your needs.

Anne is a courageous lady who defends the rights of her client vigorously. 

She received international attention in 2000 when the case Anne Nikula v. Finland was declared admissible before the European Court of Human Rights.

Legal opinion & training

Anne Nikula provides legal opinions issued in letter form expressing legal arguments, reasons and conclusions about a law case - recommended if you want to assure yourself about your standing. 

Anne Nikula provides a quality professional training courses to suit  lawyers who want to develop their analytical thinking, drafting skills, evaluation of evidence, resoning etc. Tailored courses to key issues. By working through a case study you will get instant value to your business or law case. 




Let Anne know about your case - and what you wish

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Hevossalmentie 18 D

00870  Helsinki


VAT reg. FI32443121

+358 50 341 6562

Surrounded by a garden and next to a natural park, the location offers peace. You can relax and focus on your case.  

Please make a reservation in advance. Nikula Legal is a home office.

It takes about 15-20 min. by car from the Center of Helsinki. Public transportation (metro+bus 86) takes about 45-60 min. 

Most meeting and negotiations take place by Teams/Zoom, emails or on phone. 

Contact - send a general enquiry or book a meeting (Teams, Zoom, phone, face-to-face)

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