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Virtual Finland Village event
7.-13. June 2021

Nikula Legal is with the Finland Association
Anne is waiting for your contact! 
Send an email enquiry!    


Law & Tax Services

Moving to Finland from abroad? 
Moving abroad from Finland? 
Living in Finland and abroad? 
Property in Finland and abroad?

Incomes from several countries? Need a tax representative in Finland? Want to know about International taxation and tax conventions. International wills. International successions and inheritance taxes? Division of property and tax benefits? 

Remote work - what should be considered and how does it affect to the employer / employee?

Interested in starting up a company of your own? 

Need a person to oversee your elderly parents best interests? 

There is a need for a reliable lawyer to settle the succession in an international context?  

Online chat 7.-13. June 2021
- check the event page! 

Mon 7 June at 12.00-13.00 (UTC +3 .... Helsinki)

Tue 8 June at 9.00-10.00 UTC +3

Tue 8 June at 18.30-19.30 UTC +3

Wed 9 June at 9.00-10.00  UTC +3

Wed 9 June at 19.00-20.00 UTC +3

Thu 10 June at 17.00-18.00 UTC +3

Fri 11 June at 20.30-21.30 UTC +3

Sat 12 June at 9.00-10.00 UTC +3

Saturday 12 June - Anne will be there ror you - just let her know when you want to discuss with her!  In private! 

Anne 2020.jpg

Anne Nikula is an experienced lawyer

who has vast experience is various law and tax related cases. The combination of various legal areas is exceptional and you can benefit from Anne's competence.

Sunday 13 June - Anne will be there for you - just let her know when you want to discuss with her!  In private!  

If you have questions in your mind, do not hesitate to contact! 



starting from

600 euro

Make Your last Will easily.

Let Anne know your wishes.

Anne shall make it sure everything goes smoothly in the future.


starting from

400 euro

Find out how your incomes should be taxed. Anne shall advice you on tax status and what could be done to ensure the correct taxation.

Specific questions?

starting from

 200 euro

Civil law problem? Every case is somehow unique. Quick advice on succession law, marital law, contractual issues.

Specific questions are difficult to predict - feel free to ask your question!

Setting up a company

starting from

600 euro

You have a business idea.  Good for you!                Legal support online.     This offer includes a profound introduction to the business world.

The offers are without VAT.  If you are a resident of a EU country, VAT 24 % shall be added. 

Do not hesitate to contact! It doesn't cost you anything. Ask for the lawyer's suggestions & fee. 

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